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Notice: This program will be in suspension for the summer June 15th to Sept 15th 2018

Group Notice will be posted in advance for Start Date Again.


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P.S.N.E. has been involved in the Mental Health and Addictions supports for over 25 years. Over the past 2 – 3 years we have seen an increase in our services to individuals who need Addictions assistance.

Elgin County has an  and sometimes the need is huge creating a wait time to access or an individual doesn’t want to.


Kelli is a certified Addictions Councilor who has been with the Organization part time for just under a year providing a group called P.A.S.S. short for Peer Support & Addiction Support Service. 

This service has been expanded because P.S.N.E. and Kelli found a lot of our current Members do not want a group model. Reasonings we have heard: Can’t trust people to not tell what’s said, uncomfortable speaking in front of others, people report to other services what they hear.


New Model of Peer Support & Addiction Support Service

WALK-IN:                               Thursday 9 am to 2 pm

By APPOINTMENT:              Schedule one for yourself

CALL HER:                             Thursday 9 am to 2 pm (please remember she might be with someone & have to

                                                  call back or you have)

OR:                                           Meet with a group of your chosen friends and have a group session, this can be in

                                                  the center or pre-arranged outside the center

WANT TO LEARN:               Kelli will help you find resources and help you learn about yours or a

                                                 loved one’s addiction, refer you to other services as needed

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